Important Updates: March 2019

Salary Adjustment Requests: If you are discussing an adjustment to your salary per the new process many of you participated in, that you pay close attention to the salary increases they offer.  Be clear with your supervisors and HR on whether your contractual increases are factored into the pay bump or promotion.  It has surprised many members at MCLA when increases from promotions have those contractual increases factored in, and the increases are often smaller than was anticipated.  It can be very disappointing and upsetting when you are expecting a 2% increase on top of a modest increase with a similar increase in responsibilities, only to find you are receiving a ridiculously small amount when the contractual increase is removed.  Massachusetts College of Art and Design and the MTA are battling this now on a much larger scale than we have had to deal with this problem at MCLA, but I urge you to be aware of this as the Administration moves through this salary adjustment process.  I am happy to help if you need my assistance in negotiating.
State-wide Treasurer wanted!The APA is still seeking a State-wide Treasurer – we have had NO applications!  If you are a strong accountant, it is a great job to earn a few extra dollars each month.  If you have any questions – please ask me.
MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates:Each May, the MTA convenes an Annual Meeting at which delegates from across the state gather to set policy, vote on Bylaws, Standing Rules and Resolutions, elect members to the Board, vote on the budget and approve new business items.
The Annual Meeting, generally with more than 1,000 delegates present, provides an opportunity to experience the democratic process at work, but we never fill our delegate capacity.
The 2019 MTA Annual Meeting is May 3-4 in Boston. It is held at the Hynes Convention Center on Friday and Saturday.  Hotel accommodations are available.Delegates are chosen within each local association. The number of delegates allotted to the APA is 27.If you are interested to serve as an Annual Meeting delegate from your local association, please contact your local chapter president. He or she will, in turn, forward your nomination as a delegate to the APA Executive Board.  There are currently 14 open positions.  The APA Executive Board will be presenting an item for consideration that needs your support to promote a more equitable dues structure for all APA members.  
Tri Union Luncheon:Our Tri-Union Luncheon will be held May 7th, 2019 at 12noon in the Amsler Gym.  All APA members are welcome.  Our menu will be Seasonal Garden Salad, Lemon Artichoke Chicken Breast, Green Beans, Roasted Red Potatoes, and Brownie Ice Cream Sunday Bar for dessert.  We will have door prizes and gifts for various longevity milestones.

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