MTA Retirement Consultations

The MTA has a consultant that assists with retirement planning and navigating the process for preparing for retirement.  Often the sessions available for this consultant are in the easter part of the state as a result of the population concentration.  The consultant has emailed me and would like to offer his services via phone for individual members that wish to speak to him about the wide range of topics surrounding retirement.

He will be available to speak with individual members for up to 40-minutes on Tuesday (7/9) and Wednesday (7/10) at the times listed below. Interested parties should email him with the day(s) that would be possible for you and the time(s) at which you could accept his call.  In your replies members should include your best phone contact and your MTA membership card number.  Anyone without card may secure your membership number by calling MTA’s Division of Affiliate Services at 1-800-392-6175 ext. 8208   or by contacting me.

He will respond to members with a confirmation as soon as possible.

Edward G McCourt
MTA Retirement Consultant – Higher Ed